• Baltic Filter JSC is the biggest manufacturer of automotive filters in the region and owner of MFilter trademark. Since 1992 the company been growing and expanding every year, at the moment the brand MFilter is recognised and accepted in more than 65 countries worldwide.
  • Full production cycle for air and cabin filters.
  • Highly skilled staff of automotive industry professionals.
  • 2 production plants (Light, Heavy) in Lithuania, EU.
  • Flexible order quantity.
  • High productivity.
  • Private labelling experience.
  • Short production lead time.
  • Perfect location.
  • We care about customer service.
  • Customer orientated.
  • Over 20 years of international experience.
  • Online catalogue with cross reference, dimensions and pictures.
  • Trusted by military sector in EU.
  • 90% of production is exported to over 45 countries.
  • E-Ordering system for clients.
  • Highest quality proved by international certification (ISO/IATF  16949; ISO 9001; ISO 14001).
  • Full production cycle on site: from design to final product.
  • In house production for plastic parts.
  • Highly automated production lines.
  • Only trusted suppliers of raw materials.
  • Full supply chain traceability.
  • On site laboratory (ISO 5011), quality control department, warehousing.
  • QAD management system.
  • Top quality MFILTER air filter elements provides 99.9% filtration efficiency and restrains micron-sized particles of unwanted pollution. Modern engines require about 10 m3 of air per liter of fuel, so the highest quality MFILTER air filter elements ensure high air permeability, without reducing the level of compression.

    MFilter comprehensive range of quality air filters covers most of the vehicles on the road today both in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

    MFilter is offering to the most demanding aftermarket customers an extensive oil filter range, constantly updated following the market demand.
    Oil filters are divided into 2 types:

    Spin on – metal housing with thread for fixing mounted filter element. Depending on the engine design spin on filter can be installed with inside valve. Oil drain valve (anti-drain back valve) – is a rubber-silicone membrane, the purpose of which is to ensure outflow of oil from the filter back into the crankcase of the engine after the engine has been switched off. This valve is used also to avoid the spillage during the oil filter change process. Safety valve (bypass valve) is required when the engine oil filter is clogged, it opens and oil bypasses the filter surfaces to continue the lubrication of the system as well also the valve regulates the oil pressure in the engine.

    Oil filter cartridges – ECO filters. Modern engines are widely used with filter elements, different from metal spin on filters with the absence of a metal housing and threaded valves. The oil filter cartridge replaces spin-on filters, which used to be the main part of the oil filtration in the system. Usage of top quality filtration paper media and plastic mesh ensures structural stability of the filter cartridge, allows MFilter to provide non compromised quality of filters to the aftermarket.

    Fuel filters are of two types: metal spin-on and ECO (cartridge). Eco filter – the filtering element without the metal housing, mounted in the factory construction casings of the engine. This type of filters is more economical and environmentally friendly, they are commonly used in new modern engines both in cars, trucks and machines

    MFilter is offering to the most demanding aftermarket customers an extensive fuel filter range, constantly updated following the market demand.

    Baltic Filter JSC  manufactures a wide range of filters and filter elements for various types of ventilation systems and for air purification in industrial processes. The product range includes both traditional models of filters for standard and non-standard ventilation systems (panel, cassette, pocket, compact ones and others), as well as filters for ventilation systems, aspiration and air filtration equipment, allowing for ultra-high efficiency air filtration (purification class up to U15) and ensuring a high class of purification of the working area. HEPA/ULPA filters of Baltic Filter JSC are able to remove up to 99.9999% of contaminants from the air stream. Also, Baltic Filter JSC offers high efficiency electrostatic filter systems. The products of Baltic Filter JSC are fully compliant with all the requirements of international air filtration standards ISO 16890, EN 1822 and manufacturers of filtration equipment and ventilation systems of the world’s leading manufacturers. Below you will find a brief description of the filters and filter elements offered by Baltic Filter JSC. Detailed characteristics of the products of this group of filters are presented in the catalog, which can be downloaded by clicking the link: